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JJ Systems I.T service providers

files always available


your data securely stored with J&J Systems

you know exactly where your files are

using your phones, tablets, computers - both Online & Offline


Access from wherever you are

Store your files in our Cloudstation and you can reach them from your computers, phones, or tablets.  You can even add and edit photos, show your items off to your clients or colleagues anywhere.  Now that is clever!


Synchronise the files you want

If you want some files permanently synchronised for local storage - just tick the box and your devices will store a copy locally for access offline. Now that is sensible!


Share your files easily

Use the Sharing facility to share images, presentations or documents with your team.  Send links to your files, even password protect them, or place expiry dates on them. Now that is practical!



Finally your files are backed up away from your devices and you know exactly where they are.  Up to ten revisions are kept giving you the opportunity to go back to an earlier copy of the file even if you overwrite it locally.  Now that is useful!