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Hosted Email - get I.T. synchronised

Hosted Exchange Email

What is Hosted Email with J & J Systems?

Our Hosted Email solution is a great service for both small business & medium business owners who require a comprehensive email solution. This service offers benefits of shared calendars, distribution lists, remote webmail access, full synchronisation with smartphones and tablets, plus anti virus & anti spam scanning along with inclusion full offsite backup giving an excellent disaster recovery position.  Our Email Hosting includes domain name hosting for multiple domains.

Scanned for Viruses and Spam

Your email can be scanned for viruses and spam, you can review your domain incoming and outgoing email, receive full synchronisation with other devices and know that your email and data is backed up to our servers. You can access your email from any Internet enabled machine or device with the webmail interface – having access to your emails, contacts, meetings, calendars, sharing services with your staff ensuring an the efficiency of your organisation.

Moving your email to a hosted system frees your Server resources to manage shared files and offers those owners who have used POP3 to benefit from far more features.

Interested in the Difference between POP3 / IMAP and Exchange? Read our Article here



"I am so impressed with your quarantine messaging software - it makes it super easy for me to decide what to keep and what to delete, & to be able to black/white list senders with one keystroke it is genius."

Thanks to Penny from Shoreline Silver for that comment about our Mailguard software