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JJ Systems I.T service providers

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IT Support Services Kent

IT Support for Business,  With Personality

IT Support Kent wide with JJ Systems provides businesses with exceptional IT services Our IT support services are designed to offer our clients high level management ensuring that they gain the best from their hardware, systems and software and aid staff performance.

Get IT Working For Your Business

IT Support with JJ Systems  can be adapted for a partial or a complete outsourced system for your small business ensuring IT is working for you and not becoming a massive financial and employee time overhead .

Systems support with JJ Systems can be undertaken on a contractual  Managed System basis, or an adhoc service.

Outsource IT Network Support and Management

There are many reasons why a business seeks to outsource its IT requirement, either for Servers, Workstations or entire business systems. However, often the justification of moving from a long standing supplier, paying for a previously unused service or a service normally cheaper using a friend or family member can be quite difficult to find.  Occasionally it seems like a 'leap of faith' – putting your business into the hands of an unknown provider, which is why many small businesses adopt the 'better the devil I know' attitude.

JJ Systems make it straight forward to choose the correct level of support to compliment your business' requirement. Whether you have staff who have IT knowledge, an in-house IT department or you are looking to remove your IT headache completely, JJ Systems have the perfect solution for your business.

Network and Business IT Problem Solving

Solving problems quietly and professionally, working with clients in a manner that suits their business need.

Typical issues tackled by engineers daily include

  • Email management problems
  • Virus attacks
  • Network performance
  • Poor machine performance
  • Hardware failure
  • Hardware management & preventative maintenance
  • Data backup & remote services
  • Operating System updates
  • Office software updates
  • Security patch installation

All of these issues are regularly smoothly dealt with under our Remotely Managed sites, giving business owners peace of mind that that their systems are performing to the optimum that the hardware and software will allow.

Premium IT Support and Network Maintenance Contracts

Our Premium Maintenance Contracts are priced on a monthly basis & covers installation of all security patches and operating system updates. There are unlimited callouts in the event of hardware or operating system or MS Office issues – but if the machine is not  rented then the replacement cost of hardware is not covered, but the support - both remote & telephone support in addition to the onsite time is included.

We like to cover peripherals such as printers, routers and switches, which then includes issues with periphery problems, drivers and so on.  Machines which suffer hardware issues, such as a hard drive failure, would be reinstalled with your business merely being charged for the replacement hard drive, not the reinstallation & setup on your system or network.

Our Premium IT support plan gives you hourly health checks carried out on your Server &/or workstations, with quarterly proactive 'hands on' site visits, virus repair and virus software updates as standard procedure.  Our plan also covers all engineer time on your systems relating to Microsoft Operating Systems and Office products, all payable in an affordable monthly fee, normally for a minimum of one year.

The Premium IT Support contract offers the ability to add Anti Virus software which is managed remotely by our systems, providing alerts straight to our offices if a virus attacks your system. This functionality can be added to a system at any time easily for a small cost effective monthly fee  per machine. There is no contract period meaning it can be ceased at any time. The software is effective at protecting your machine against all types of threat without compromising the machine's performance.

Calls and Issues Logged and Managed

With the Premium contract comes access to our Support Incident Database & ability to monitor your business' issues and status of incidents transparently. We can also provide Asset Management listings of all machines and hardware covered.

What happens after I sign up to JJ Systems Premium Maintenance Contract using managed IT support services?

Pick & Mix your services to cover the items you really feel the need to secure within your business.


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