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JJ Systems I.T service providers

manage I.T.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Brought  to Kent by JJ Systems

Managed IT Services are provided by JJ Systems, supporting small to medium businesses in Kent and the South East from a diverse range of market sectors. The collective experience of the Directors and staff is drawn on to provide a complete range of services, which can be used individually or collectively for our clients, offering solutions that can be adapted to suit all budgets.

What are  managed IT Services?

Solving problems quietly and professionally, working with clients in a manner that suits their business need.

Solutions to Business Issues Include;

  • Network Server Installations – both on site & hosted data – capital investment & rental systems
  • Workstation hardware – machines & laptops – plus associated peripherals
  • Secure online data backup solutions to our own servers
  • Hosted email – with backup, webmail, domain name & smart phone synchronisation
  • Preventative maintenance, both remote & engineer visit
  • Help Desk support, transparent Incident tracking, Asset listing

Typical issues tackled by engineers daily include

  • Email management problems
  • Virus attacks
  • Network performance
  • Poor machine performance
  • Hardware failure
  • Hardware management & preventative maintenance
  • Data backup & remote services
  • Operating System updates
  • Office software updates
  • Security patch installation

There are many reasons why a business seeks to outsource its IT requirement, either for Servers, Workstations or entire business systems. However, often the justification of moving from a longstanding supplier, paying for a previously unused service or a service normally cheaper using a friend or family member can be quite difficult to find.  Occasionally it seems like a 'leap of faith' – putting your business into the hands of an unknown provider, which is why many small businesses adopt the 'better the devil I know' attitude. So, here are 6 good reasons to outsource your IT Services to J& J Systems.

Make only one call to one provider and get on with your work, rather than spending hours chasing multiple suppliers:

As J&J can not only provide hardware and software support, we offer complete network support, office applications, accounting software, phone lines, phone calls and broadband services, these coupled with domain and web hosting services gives us the complete range to cover your business. You could spend less time chasing suppliers and relaying messages, with only one call to J&J.

Be secure in the knowledge your Servers and Workstations are monitored hourly for a range of faults and issues – with or without you actually present

With our Sentinel system your Servers and Workstations are monitored day and night, alerting our Support Desk of imminent issues, often from system generated alerts, if critical services stop working or hard drives become congested we will know as early as possible giving time to rectify the problem in the best possible manner.

Give your staff more time to do their own jobs, more productively, with greater efficiency throughout improved communication systems:

With engineers who travel through Kent and the South East able to call in or offer remote support from our Support Desk which is manned through the working day, your staff should be able to work efficiently and not get involved in supporting the network or office based equipment, allowing them to get on with their own jobs. How many times a day does your office 'IT' bod spend time under a desk – often it's the MD, think of the hourly rate!

Update your software seamlessly overnight without disrupting your staff during their working day:

Often machines aren't updated regularly due to Internet download implications, speed or simply because people don't know how to. Our Sentinel system will be working hard to update all your Servers and Workstations during the night, keeping them up-to-date on the latest security releases of Operating Systems and Office Applications. Updates will be kept small and regular, causing less disruption and increasing protection for the business against viruses, and of course, giving everyone else more time to do what they're good at.

Budget for your support costs with a fixed monthly fee, which can decrease if you reduce equipment:

Our support plans have a simple monthly fixed fee per server, machine and peripheral. The fee covers most work on machines based on Microsoft software, and includes virus damage, machine re-installation and even data recovery from your back-ups. Our Sentinel monitoring and alert software is installed on all machines, giving us hourly updates on your system. You can budget for your support costs and reduce them if you retire equipment as we will fluctuate the fee to accommodate your business changes.

Receive regular, free reviews with you and your key staff to help you keep in touch with new developments:

One of our Directors will visit your business on a regular basis to carry out reviews with you, ensuring you are receiving the best service and making sure you are getting what your business needs from the systems you have in place. It's all about making your network and systems work for your business, if your needs change or your staff do, so can the requirement from software or hardware. We like to ensure we give you the best possible systems and service for those needs.

If you would like to arrange an appointment for one of our Directors to visit you and discuss why we should be the Devil You do Know in the future, give the office a call on 01227 371375.

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